Here’s to being alone

Argh. The entire month of February is like a giant pimple on the forehead of those without an other. Obviously, I am in that category. So, by no choice of my own, I have been thinking about love lately.

Here’s to being alone:

  • It’s great to not worry about shaving.
  • I have to admit, I prefer my showers alone. (So, I can shave optimistically…)
  • I can watch ANYTHING I want on tv. At any time. Without anyone judging my embarrassing taste for trash tv.
  • The dishes are dirty, but at least they are my dishes.
  • No sports.
  • My dog cuddles just as well as any man. She’s warmer and I can push her out of bed without any hard feelings.
  • I can read at night in bed without “the nudge.”
  • The trash isn’t that heavy and it doesn’t bitch about being taken out.
  • My couch is suddenly a lot bigger! (And so is my couch blanket!)
  • My bathroom is NEVER occupied OR stinky.
  • That counts for two bullets!

Don’t misunderstand; there are numerous positives to being in love. This is just my petty attempt at rationalizing February for my personal single self. Love is awesome when you find it!


Where do you begin?

I am so intimidated by the blank screen. I have been wanting to start a blog but dragging my feet for months now. The blogging world intrigues/intimidates me. The “guidelines” recommend that you choose a topic to be your blog focus. However, that is really stumping me. I cannot seem to put my life in a neat little box.


  • teaching?
  • food?
  • kids?
  • newly singled?
  • dog?
  • ???
  • the bachelor! (kidding… kinda…)
  • ?

I guess that’s a start? I’ll be thinking on where to go from here. Does this count as a beginning? I’m counting it!